Weekly sales report: All abord the free train

October sales
Kindle: 69
Paperback: 16
Total: 85

The book went free Monday night on Amazon US. The idea here is to get your book onto a lot of Kindles in hopes readers will like it and buy future books and recommend you to their friends.

Amazon US
Tuesday: 4,264 downloads
Wednesday: 2,996 downloads
Thursday: 1,772 downloads
Friday: 1,461 downloads
Saturday: 1,303 downloads
Total for week: 11,796 downloads
Peak ranking: #27 free, #2 religious fiction (free)

Amazon UK
Wednesday: 55 downloads
Thursday: 53 downloads
Friday: 72 downloads
Saturday: 516 downloads
Total for week: 696
Peak ranking: #34 free, #1 religious fiction (free)

Someone in the UK must have blogged about the book on Saturday because I was totally not expecting that to happen. I had only sold 2 books in the UK to date, so to put the book in the hands of nearly 700 readers there is fantastic.

On Friday, I started the process to “reprice” the book. It now has a price at iTunes, B&N and Smashwords, so it’s only a matter of time before Amazon follows. Hopefully, some of the incoming traffic will be converted to sales.


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  1. I hope so too! Amazing results.

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