Week Four: Farewell, August

Sales for the past week were slow, but the first month will be a good one.

Sunday, Aug. 21 — 2
Monday, Aug. 22 — 0
Tuesday, Aug. 23 — 3
Wednesday, Aug. 24 — 2
Thursday, Aug. 25 — 3
Friday, Aug. 26 — 1
Saturday, Aug. 27 — 3
Total for week: 14
Total for August: 117

There are probably a few additional sales over at Barnes and Noble and Apple, but I don’t have those numbers yet.

A few notes:
* Spent 70 hours at the office last week, which obviously resulted in less time to spend on social networks and blogs, which I’ve concluded is probably the most effective way to connect with potential readers.
* Have yet to find an effective form of advertising / marketing that works well for the book. Ran a $20 sponsorship over at Frugal E-Reader on Tuesday and that yielded only three sales.
* The book can now officially be called a beach read πŸ™‚ Tina took the book on vacation with her and read it at the beach. Then, she told her friends on Facebook about it using Amazon’s social networking tools. Led to three sales on Saturday!
* Made my second sale at Amazon’s UK store. Yeah!
* I’m starting to work with Amazon’s Print on Demand feature, called Create Space, which lets you create a paperback version of your book. I’ll offer it pretty much at cost, which I’m hoping will be no more than four or five bucks.


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2 responses to “Week Four: Farewell, August

  1. Well done Alex. Wish I had those sales figures! It’s tough going marketing-wise for indies, isn’t it? I’ll be interested to hear how your createspace experience goes.

  2. It definitely is tough, Steph. I foolishly thought that at least one marketing method would prove effective — at least 75% of break-even — but nothing so far has come close.

    It’s a marathon, not a sprint πŸ™‚

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