Classic? This ain’t no stinkin’ classic! 8/7

My occasional feature on one star reviews of the great American and European classics continues with today’s novel. I’ll add reviews until someone guesses correctly.

(All spelling is left as found …)

** “I agree 100% that (the author) was a brillaint writer. But this book was horrible. A simple phrase of action ((main character) walking down the street) would be 4 pages of reflection. I read alot and am a huge fan of John Steinbeck, J.D Salinger, Mark Twian. I hated this book. It was took long and nearly impossible to read. If you have to read it for school, good luck. Otherwise, avoid this. There are much better classics than this. ”

** “It shocks me that (title of book) is the most taught book in the nation. It may have much symbolism and so on, but it is a convoluted mess. The author is completely detached from his audience, and for some bizarre reason, he feels he has to explain every little thing that happens in great detail. It is also irrelevant to our modern times. In our days people need to be reading things like Huxley, Orwell, Fitzgerald, Bradbury, Hemmingway, Steinbeck, Salinger, and many other great 20th century writers. This book is only relevant to those interested in the time period which it discusses.”

Maybe these clues are too hard. Here’s an easier one:
“I hated this story. It was long. It was preachy. It was boring. Unless you’re interested in catching up on battles with Puritanism, avoid this book.”


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2 responses to “Classic? This ain’t no stinkin’ classic! 8/7

  1. meredith

    most likely…”The Scarlet Letter”

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