A good first week

I decided from the beginning last spring when I started the blog that I would be as transparent as possible about everything. I wanted other people who were considering self-publishing to learn from my successes and failures.

  • Amazon is up and running. Very happy with the results there:
    Monday — 1 (gift to mom and dad)
    Tuesday — 13 (official launch day)
    Wednesday — 2
    Thursday — 3 (first UK sale)
    Friday — 35 (mentioned on on Inspired Reads)
    Saturday — 6
    Total sales — 60

    Friday’s boost from Inspired Reads rocketed the book briefly up the Amazon charts — #26 for religious fiction ebooks and #37 for all religious fiction. As you might imagine, that is a really cool feeling when that happens. You practically float on air while it lasts.

  • I haven’t given up on Facebook advertising but I’m not terribly impressed so far. About 30 bucks got me 13 clicks. (A click doesn’t necessarily equal a sale, keep in mind.)
  • Facebook fan pages are a terrific thing and I’m glad I have one for my books. But I was a little surprised having 120 likes for the page didn’t lead to a few more sales. Maybe more will buy over time but this is proof that having a page with fans doesn’t mean all of them will buy right away.
  • Barnes and Noble has the book in its system now — just waiting for them to put it online. In the meantime, Nook owners, you can buy an ePub file of the book over at Smashwords.
  • I believe I’ve had a sale or two over at iBooks — Apple’s bookstore for iPad and iPod owners. They don’t have a live reporting system like Amazon, so it’s hard to tell. I do love the layout that iTunes uses — the book looks beautiful there.

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