The boundaries of religious freedom

I’ve been turning this topic over in my brain for a week now, putting it off because it has become so political.

But is freedom of religion solely an individual concept or are their boundaries when it starts to affect other people?

The issue here is birth control. If you don’t believe it should be used by adults, should you have the ability to make access to it more difficult for others? Does it make a difference if the institution is not one of the nation’s 600 Catholic hospitals, but instead a Fortune 500 company where the CEO and board of directors share a set of beliefs?

We can shift the question if we wish, saying that people who want birth control should just go to the corner drug store and pay for it out of their own pocket. Or they can just go find a different job.

That, however, doesn’t answer the original question: Should one person’s right to a hold a religious belief affect the lives of someone else?

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