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Amazon’s 4 for 3 promotion

The paperback edition of Signs and Wonders has been included in Amazon’s 4 for 3 promotion. Basically, if you buy four eligible items, the lowest-priced item (my book) is free.

The paperback is even currently ranked, for the moment. It is #63 in:

All because Aunt Barbara bought one copy today. Hilarious.

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Paperback now listed on Amazon

All the normal Amazon rules apply (free shipping if your order is more than $25). You can find it by clicking here.

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Clean your windows

We own a 1918 bungalow and one of the things we love about it is the front porch. It’s enclosed and has eight windows and a screen door that’s about 80 percent glass. The house is set back enough from the street that the noise isn’t bad and we don’t feel like we’re on display for our neighbors. It’s a great spot to sit and read or enjoy a glass of wine. Harper, our dog, loves to rest her chin on the pneumatic piston for the screen door and gaze out at the street. The cats like to sit in the window or nap in the sunny spots. Continue reading


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Week 7 sale report: Freefall

First, some numbers.

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August sales numbers

Ever wonder why the really lousy movies are released during the last two weeks of August? It’s because studios need to dump them sometime, so they do it when no one is going to the movies anyway. Continue reading


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