The first of the month brings the BBoS, better known as the Brown Bar of Shame to authors who sell their books on the Amazon Kindle. That’s what you see until you sell a book.

May was a good month — 305 sales of Finding Grace and another 86 of Signs and Wonders. A good month but not a great one. There’s still 75,000+ people out there who have copies of S&W that I have yet to reach. (Amazon, unfortunately, does not automatically send emails to readers when the second book in a series is released.)

Marketing is hard and frustrating. Almost every author will tell you this. Writing and chatting with readers is a thousand times more fun.

If you have bought Finding Grace,, thank you, thank you, thank you. If you enjoyed it, please tell a friend. (Recommending it to your friends on Goodreads is VERY helpful and easy. The book has its own page and you just click the recommend button.)

In the meantime, I’m going to go start work this afternoon on Chapter 1 of the next Annie Grace book. That’s what many of you have been asking me to do. It makes me happy. It (hopefully) makes you happy. Everyone wins.

Enjoy your Saturday!


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