Now, where were we …

I’m embarrassed how long I’ve been gone, but work has been all-consuming for a few months.

I work for Gannett newspapers, editing and monitoring the wire services for 40+ newspapers. The idea is that by having a group responsible for wire copy that everyone can use, that allows local copy editors to spend more time making sure the local stories are well-edited.

We were in startup mode during the spring and I’m in charge of the group, so I wanted to make sure we got off to a great start. That required a lot of extra hours and coming home too tired to think about writing.

But things are getting back to normal, which means I have weekends back — so, where were we?

The bad news: I havent had time to write since February.

The good news: 67 pages of “Finding Grace,” the sequel to Signs and Wonders, are done.

The other good news: I’m going to get back into a regular writing schedule.

What does that mean? Hard to say. I have no idea how long “Finding Grace” will be. Definitely not 400 pages, but probably not 120, either.

We’ll get there when we get there, as your parents used to say. But at least we’re moving again, right?

P.s. The book is FREE today at Amazon. Tell a friend who has a Kindle or an iPad?

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