The economy may be recovering, but I work in an industry — publishing — that is struggling with the transition to the Internet. This is the third or fourth year in a row we have had furloughs during the first quarter.

In the past I hadn’t filed for unemployment, even though the company encouraged it. But we are a one income household these days and every bit helps. So I filed online and let me tell you, it is a bit depressing.

The only good thing about furloughs is the time off and the fact that you’re prohibited from working … unlike the rest of the year when it feels 24\7 at times.

So there will be lots of naps this week, some long walks with the dog, and hopefully, some progress on the new novel 🙂

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  1. Sorry to hear about the work situation. I can imagine the publishing industry is struggling at the moment. Ebooks are causing a major shake up.
    Looking forward to reading your next book very much!

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