Pricing the next novel (poll)

As a first-time author, the goal of “Signs and Wonders” was to build an audience. So I’ve given away thousands and thousands of free copies, as well as sold 1,450 copies.

Most of those sales have been at 99 cents, for which authors get a 35 cent royalty from Amazon. So you can do the math and see this book hasn’t exactly been a get-rich-quick scheme. Again, that wasn’t the point — it was to find readers who will come back year after year to read new novels.

I’d like to price the sequel to “Signs and Wonders” at $2.99 at least, in order to get the 70 percent royalty rate that kicks in at that price. Future novels will not be free on a regular basis, like S&W. I’d like to eventually take an annual vacation, something that hasn’t been possible since my wife started nursing school and our household income got cut in half.

But the question is what are YOU are willing to pay for the next novel?(Assume it will be longer, probably somewhere between 175 and 225 pages.) Be honest. It won’t help me if you answer the poll to make me feel good, but then don’t buy the next book because you don’t feel it’s worth that price.

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