Facebook and engaging with readers

Facebook has been a wonderful tool for authors, giving us ways to connect with readers that were impossible a decade ago.

Yet it can be tantalizing and frustrating because it lets you get really, really close to finding the people who buy your book … and then make it tough to get information to them.

I speak, of course, of the LIKE button.

If you do a sales promotion on a site like Pixel of Ink or a free giveaway that gets mentioned on Inspired Reads, dozens of people might hit the like button. And it’s a fair assumption that these people — or at least most of them — have bought the book. They’re people who will want to know when your next work is available!

Yet Facebook gets very cranky about trying to become “friends” with these people. Try to connect with four or five at a time, and Facebook starts scolding you. And if someone declines your request, Facebook raps your knuckles with a ruler.

So … if you want to know how the new novel is coming and learn when it’s available, either friend me or “like” my Facebook author page — http://www.facebook.com/authoralex.


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