Weekly sales update

Yes, this may be the season where people grow frantic and spend way too much time in shopping malls and not enough time remembering the reason we have this season in the first place … but they’re still finding time to buy Kindle books. And that’s a very good thing.

Sunday, Dec. 11 — 6
Monday, Dec. 12 — 3
Tuesday, Dec. 13 — 7
Wednesday, Dec. 14 — 8
Thursday, Dec. 15 — 3
Friday, Dec. 16 — 7
Saturday, Dec. 17 — 5

Paperbacks: 0
Total for the week: 39
Total for the month: 96
Total to date: 952

Amazon UK: 19
Amazon US: 20

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One response to “Weekly sales update

  1. Glad to see sales are going well, Alex. Nearly at the 1000 mark!

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