Weekly sales update: Loving the Brits

The book had just come off going free last Sunday, so there wasn’t much point in posting sales numbers.

Saturday, Dec. 3 — 12

Sunday, Dec. 4 — 2
Monday, Dec. 5 — 8
Tuesday, Dec. 6 — 7
Wednesday, Dec. 7  — 4
Thursday, Dec. 8 — 8
Friday, Dec. 9 —  4
Saturday, Dec. 10 — 9

Paperbacks: 2
Amazon US 25
Amazon UK 15
Total for the week:  42
Total for December: 57

Total to date: 913

The really great news this week is the book finally came off free status in England after month and started selling. I’d probably sold three copies total in the UK during the previous four months, so to sell 15 in one week is wonderful.

It also gives me hope for Amazon’s India and Australian stores, which I expect to open in 2012.

I’m off work tomorrow because I have to work this coming Saturday, so I’m hoping to make some progress on chapter 3 of the new book.

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