Weekly sales update: My new favorite month

What’s not to love about November? You may mention the earlier sunsets, the chilly days, the onset of winter. But when November has been as kind to you, sales-wise, as the past 30 days have been, you forgive all that other stuff.

Sunday, Nov. 20 — 9
Monday, Nov. 21 — 13
Tuesday, Nov. 22 — 123
Wednesday, Nov. 23 — 0
Thursday, Nov. 24 — 1 (paperback)
Friday, Nov. 25 — 0
Saturday, Nov. 26 — 1 (paperback)

Total for the week: 147
Total for the month: 621
Total to date: 856

Tuesday, I got a mention by the great folks at ereadernewstoday.com. The site has a HUGE following and is booked solid for the rest of the year for advertising. But the site promotes ebooks, especially inexpensive ones, and Tuesday was my day on the site. Didn’t cost me a thing.

Late in the day on Tuesday, Amazon made my book free again. I wasn’t expecting  them to do it so quickly and it probably cost me a few sales, but I’m not complaining. They will hopefully re-price it in the next day or two, and I plan on not going free during December.


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