Weekly sales report: What a feeling

So this is what it feels like to be a self-supporting author …

Okay, maybe it wasn’t THAT good a week, but for the first time I’m hopeful it might be possible 10 years (and 8 or 9 books) down the road.

Free? People really like free. So far this month there’s been 16,273 free downloads between Amazon US and Amazon UK.

On Monday, Amazon US restored the sales price on “Signs and Wonders” to 99 cents and the paid sales started:

Sunday, Nov. 6 — 0
Monday, Nov. 7 — 138
Tuesday, Nov. 8 — 110
Wednesday, Nov. 9 — 51
Thursday, Nov. 10 — 29
Friday, Nov. 11 — 21
Saturday, Nov. 12 — 25
Total Kindle for week: 375
Total paperbacks for week: 4
Total to date: 615

Last week’s royalties, according to Amazon, were $257.  Still not sure how they arrived at that — I thought it would be less. Maybe the free sales ended Sunday night and I missed a few paid sales …


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2 responses to “Weekly sales report: What a feeling

  1. Good for you Alex, so happy for you!

    Best, Revital

  2. That’s really encouraging. How nice to get paid sales! I’ve only had about half a dozen of those. But like you, I live in hopes for the long-term proving to be profitable and sustainable. Well done!

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