Weekly sales report: A great week

It was  bit unpredictable, but I’ll take weeks like this anytime.

Sunday, Oct. 22 – 13
Monday, Oct. 23 – 1
Tuesday, Oct. 24 – 1
Wednesday, Oct. 25 – 2
Thursday, Oct. 26 – 0
Friday, Oct. 27 – 0
Saturday, Oct. 28 – 11

Sales for the week: 28
Sales last week of paperbacks: 11
Sales last week of ebooks: 17

Sales for the month: 81
Sales to date: 233

Last Sunday was another sponsorship at Kindle Nation Daily. I think it cost $59. The surprise was I did those sales at $2.99, so the sponsorship didn’t break even but it did pretty well. So the answer is, yes, people will spend $2.99 on a novella.

The other pleasant surprise was Saturday, when someone bought 10 copies of the paperback to give as gifts, I’m guessing. (It may have been more than one buyer, but I doubt it.)

The book is now free over at iTunes and Barnes and Noble, which its rank climbed steadily this week over at BN. It’s now at #2590, which I’m guessing is 10 to15 downloads a day. (I don’t have real-time numbers for BN.) I’m still trying to get Amazon make the book free for a limited time as a sales-boosting technique. If you want to help, the directions are in this post.

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