Help me give away Signs and Wonders

There’s a method to this madness, trust me. Authors have found big sales success after giving away their book on Amazon for 7 to 10 days, then restoring the price.Going free apparently generates a ton of new weblinks to the book and those links stay there even after it has a price again. One author sold 1,500 copies in one week after doing this.

Amazon, foolishly, does not let their authors set the price to zero. But they do price match other sites.

So could you copy and paste over at the books’ Amazon page? Here’s how it works:

Click here to go to the Amazon page.

Find “Tell us about a lower price” and click on it.

Paste in this very long URL:

Put a zero for the price and a zero for shipping.


That’s it! Thanks!


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2 responses to “Help me give away Signs and Wonders

  1. Hi Alex, I’m sorry, I just can’t find that ‘tell us about a lower price’ button. Could you navigate me there e.g. top third of website, bottom tenth or whatever! Also, I’ll put my review up on the French site asap.

  2. Thanks, Steph! You’ll find it right under the ranking in the middle of the page.

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