Weekly sales update: Paperbacks outsell e-books

Another reason why you should have all your bases covered, format-wise.

The $3.99 paperback outsold the $2.99 e-book for the Kindle this week, 4 to 3. Three of the paperbacks sold on Wednesday, so I’m guessing one person bought a few to give as gifts. (This is as good a time as any to suggest adding the paperback to your shopping cart today, then when you’ve reached the $25 threshold for free shipping, place the order.)

Sunday, Oct. 16 — 1
Monday, O ct. 17 — 0
Tuesday, Oct. 18 — 0
Wednesday, Oct. 19 — 4
Thursday, Oct. 20 — 1
Friday, Oct. 21 — 1
Saturday, Oct. 22 — 0

October sold to date: 55
Total sold Aug. 1 to date: 205

If you own a Nook, the book is still free over at Barnes and Noble.com. I d0n’t have access to real-time numbers for BN.com, but the sales ranking has been steadily climbing so that indicates so folks are taking advantage of this.

Finally, if you own an iPad, the book is now free over at iTunes as well.

So why is the book free at iTunes and Barnes and Noble but not at Amazon? Apparently their price-matching is a little slow. You can help them out by clicking on the “tell us about a lower price” link in the product listing for the book.


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3 responses to “Weekly sales update: Paperbacks outsell e-books

  1. Those are interesting statistics. People do still like good old fashioned dead tree books. I imagine Kindles, Nooks etc will be top-selling Christmas presents this year, so the ebook market can only grow and grow.

  2. Linda Wichman

    Woow! Good news all around. Interesting how differently Kindle and Nook market the same product. Hardcopies always make great gifts and stocking-stuffers, I appreciate that you’re sharing your marketing e-publshing experience with us! πŸ™‚

  3. I emailed my parents to make sure they weren’t the people who bought the four paperbacks last week. They weren’t. So it’s very cool to have someone buy the paperback that isn’t related to me πŸ™‚

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