Week 7 sale report: Freefall

First, some numbers.

Week 1: 60
Week 2: 26
Week 3: 16
Week 4: 14
Week 5: 4
Week 6: 11
Week 7: 1

That’s why this is a Weekly Sale Report. One sale. It’s like someone turned off the faucet last Sunday after my one sale.

My first response was to analyze it and figure out what I did differently last week. One thing was I announced at the beginning of the week that the paperback was coming. Perhaps some people opted to wait — it’s hard to say because CreateSpace sales reporting takes 2-3 sales to update after a sale. Kindle sales are reported almost instantly. The second thing I did was to experiment with a $1.99 price for three days before giving up and going back to 99 cents on Thursday.

The week wasn’t all bad — the paperback did arrive on Friday and it’s beautiful. I love it. I also like that I was able to get the price down to $3.99. There’s a button on the blogroll if you want to order a copy from CreateSpace. It should be added to Amazon sometime this week.

I also got a wonderful review that was very, very kind.

So even if I can’t say the glass was half-full this week, it wasn’t completely empty — and that hopefully this coming week will go better.


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2 responses to “Week 7 sale report: Freefall

  1. Being an author can be tough going at times. I’m sure sales will pick up again – there’s always a lull along the way.

    • Yep, we are lulling right now. Seven days in a row. Very odd, considering I had never previously gone two days in a row without a sale. I have a sponsorship next week at Kindle Nation Daily that surely will result in some sales.

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