Trash the Classics!

We’re back with another round from the depths of Amazon’s reviews to show that even the greatest works of Western literature cannot escape the dreaded one-star review.

Can you guess the books? (Click on the link to test your guess.)

“While embarking on this “classic,” don’t expect to find yourself absorbed in a magnificant tale. It’s is a redundant novel with unnecessary tangents and pages of contradicting philosophy. …and must we really keep reading in full detail the horror and disgust of Winston’s vericose veins?!”

“We read this book in our Freshman english class. The overall review was that it wasn’t good, in fact it was BAD! We recommend that you do not read this book. We have nothing against the author, but we perfer reading interesting books, unlike this one. We didn’t like the deaths, savagness, or irresponsibility of the children. THey needed to communicate with each other. If this book had a sequel I think that would be boring, but atleast you’d fing out what happened. THe book went to slow and the plot used too much symbolism. This book deserves 0 stars, but that wasn’t an option!”


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2 responses to “Trash the Classics!

  1. A lot of so-called classics are actually pretty dreadful books in my opinion. Time we moved on to some new ones!

  2. Better get writing to create some NEW classics, Steph!

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