Paperbacks coming soon

I’ve started working with Amazon’s Create Space, a print on demand system that will allow me to offer a paperback version of “Signs and Wonders.” I’ve also ordered up a higher-resolution version of the cover for the paperback.

For a long time now, I’ve seen people selling their paperbacks for $11 and $12 and that discouraged me from looking into this. It would be a rip-off to charge someone anywhere near that much for what will probably be a hundred-page book.

But there’s good news — I think I can get the price down to $5 or less. The book would be priced at cost to you. I’m more interested in building a fan base willing to buy future novels. With a little luck, I think I can get the paperback available for sale in the next 30 days.

Here’s the question for you: If you belong to a book club or church group, is $5 low enough for you to recommend it to the group?

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