August sales numbers

Ever wonder why the really lousy movies are released during the last two weeks of August? It’s because studios need to dump them sometime, so they do it when no one is going to the movies anyway.

Book sales are definitely light in August, so I’m not complaining about the 118 copies I sold during the month:

Amazon US: 114
Amazon UK: 2
Smashwords: 2
Barnes and Noble: TBA
Apple, etc: Ditto

The past week has been very, very slow for a number of reasons — hurricanes on the East Coast, end-of-summer vacations, back-to-school shopping. There just wasn’t a lot of time to be reading books. I think I’ve sold one copy so far this week.

But you can help get September off to a good start by buying here from Amazon or here from B&N.


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2 responses to “August sales numbers

  1. Don’t complain, Alex. You’re doing great! Great book by the way!

    • Thanks, Danni. I’m definitely not complaining but I am nervous — sales slowed down quite a bit over the last two weeks. Advertising has yet to do much, too, but hopefully it’s just a lull in reading habits and people will start reading more soon.

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