Week Three: Dog Days

Week Three slowed down from the first two, which wasn’t all that surprising for two reasons. One, you begin to run out of friends and family to ask to buy your book at this point. Two, it’s August — one of the worst months of the year for booksellers.

Sunday, Aug. 14 — 4
Monday, Aug. 15 — 7
Tuesday, Aug. 16 — 3 (first day of $2.99 price)
Wednesday, Aug. 17 — 0 (first day with no sales)
Thursday, Aug. 18 — 1
Friday, Aug. 19 — 1
Saturday, Aug. 20 — 1 (sponsorship at Week in Review)
Total for week: 17
Total to date: 106

The Sunday and Monday sales were probably spurred by Tweets and Facebook postings telling people that the price would increase on Tuesday. I have no idea why I was able to sell three books at $2.99 on Tuesday but only three the rest of the week.

As far as royalties go, six sales at $2.99 is the equal to 36 sales at 99 cents.

* * *
Where to buy:
Barnes and Noble
Smashwords (cheapest for overseas readers)
Apple’s iBookstore and iTunes

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