Week two

Sales slowed down during the second week and that was to be expected. Most of your friends and family buy the book during the first week and there wasn’t anything like the mention on Inspired Reads to give it a lift.

8/7 Sunday: 10
8/8 Monday: 2
8/9 Tuesday: 3 (first Smashwords sale, to a reader in France)
8/10 Wednesday: 1
8/11 Thursday: 1
8/12 Friday: 3
8/13 Saturday: 6
Total for week: 26
Total to date: 86

Other news and notes:

* The price of the book moves to $2.99 on Tuesday. The royalties on a $2.99 book are much, much better — 70 percent versus just 35 percent on a 99 cent book. At $2.99 I get back $2 for each sale. At 99 cents, I get just 35 cents. So if you haven’t bought it yet, now’s the time to get it cheap.

* Barnes and Noble added the book to its online catalog this week, so you can now read it on the Nook. B&N doesn’t update its sales instantly like Amazon, so I have no idea if anyone has bought it there.

* Facebook advertising continues to disappointment. It’s not an effective form of marketing for a 99 cent book. I have booked some ads for the last 10 days of the month — on Week in Rewind, Frugal eReader and Kindle Nation Daily. The higher price (and royalty rate) will hopefully make it easier to recoup some of the cost of advertising.

* Word of mouth continues to be the best possible form of advertising for an author. If you’ve read and enjoyed “Signs and Wonders,” please tell your friends. If you click the “like” button on the book’s Amazon page, you’ll see sharing options for both Facebook and Twitter.

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