It’s a small world

Forgive me for getting a little misty about — of all things — the Internet.

Yet the pre-publication giveaway I did at Library Thing was a real eye-opener about what’s possible now that would have been fantasy just 20 years ago.

I gave away about 150 copies and was floored by how many of the requests came from outside the United States — 13 from Canada, eight from the United Kingdom, three from Germany, and one each from Portugal, France and Australia.

That’s 27 folks who hopefully like Signs and Wonders and tell their English-speaking friends. Amazon has separate stores in the UK and Germany. If you come across readers from either of those countries who like your book (and tell you about it), don’t be afraid to ask them nicely to post a review on their country’s Amazon site! Reviews — even the three-star ones — can make a big difference in how buyers see your book.

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