Tipping point

There’s no going back now.

Ownership of e-readers like the Kindle and Nook have tripled in the past year and doubled in the past six months, according to a survey by the Pew Internet & American Life Project. I think the entrance of a certain boy wizard into e-books later this year will only accelerate purchases of Kindles and Nooks.

In fact, more households in America now own an e-reader (12 percent) than own a tablet computer like the iPad (8 percent.) Toss in laptop computers (56 percent of households) and you’ve got a HUGE number of potential buyers for your book.

Look at the numbers based on 114 million households:

E-readers — 13.6 million
Tablet PCs — 9.1 million
Laptops — 63.8 million
Total: 85.5 million households

If you’re still standing on the edge, the time has come to jump in. You’ll be fine.

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