Missing dad

The Pew Research Center released a jaw-dropping report on Wednesday about fatherhood in America — 46 percent of fathers now have at least one child out of wedlock.

It gets worse — 31 percent of dads say ALL of their children were born out of wedlock.

These kids grow up seeing their father not very often … or not at all.

I come from such a normal, old-fashioned upbringing that it’s hard to wrap my head around this. Mom and Dad were a team and, between the two of them, they were able to help me figure out life — how to make potato salad, what strategy to use to save for retirement, when it made sense to get a new car.

It’s not impossible for one person to cover all the bases when raising a child, but it’s pretty darn close. I just pray there’s other men — teachers, uncles, pastors — who are filling the void created by millions of these absentee fathers.

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