The numbers add up

7,  151, 456,  176, 106, 389.

No, these are not The Numbers from Lost.

Those are how many books author Victorine Lieske sold during the first six months after she published her romantic suspense novel “Not What She Seems.” 

That’s about 1,300 books and a few hundred dollars in royalties, factoring her novel’s price of 99 cents. Nice numbers but not enough to become a full-time author.

She kept plugging away, marketing her novel, and look what happened:

October, 2010:  1,401
November. 2010: 2,670
December, 2010:  11,162
January, 2011:  21,484
February, 2011:  28,745

“Not What She Seems” has now sold more than 100,000 copies and Victorine is capitalizing on that success with a new novel, which she has priced at $2.99. (A 99 cent novel gets you 35 cents in royalties from while a $2.99 novel pays you $2.)

Now, I’m not preaching that everyone will achieve success like this. (I am telling you to go bookmark Vicki’s blog and read it religiously.)

But I will leave you with this question: How many books do you think she would have sold if she had given up after the first month?

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  1. Thanks for the mention! You’re totally right, never giving up is the key. Indie authors are so lucky to be able to tweak price, cover, blurb, etc. until we find something that does work.

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