A 24-hour break

Those fireworks are celebrating the completion of the Signs and Wonders rough draft at 4 p.m. Thursday. Woohoo! So I have another hour of break time before I print out Chapter 2 and start making marks in red ink.

(One way to force yourself to write is to set a publishing date for your novel before it’s finished. I recommend having a highly detailed outline — complete with dialogue — before you do that!)

So the rough draft is done but the novel isn’t. There are things I’m going to want to revise and there’s already a subplot that needs beefing up. And there is, of course, much marketing and publicity work to be done before Aug. 2.

I haven’t done much reading the last two months because it always messes with my head. And, sure enough, a few pages last night into W.P Kinsella’s “Shoeless Joe” (i.e. “Field of Dreams”) I was thinking to myself: “Man, I write nothing like this genius.”

That’s where I had to stop.

There’s nothing wrong with the fact that I don’t construct sentences like Kinsella. It just means my writing style is different.

Stay true, stay true, stay true to yourself. Remember: There’s one only of you, so don’t waste your time trying to be someone else.


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2 responses to “A 24-hour break

  1. You will get there…not to worry…

    • Oh definitely, I’ll make my deadline. I could have picked a June or July date, but editing time is really important. So is marketing in the world of e-publishing. That magical Amazon ranking formula starts calculating the moment you’re listed, so it can’t be something you “worry about later.”

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