How to find your future readers, Part 2

I’ve finally stumbled across the two essential tools authors need to develop their Twitter lists  — Follower Wonk and JustUnfollow.

Follower Wonk lets you pick two Twitter accounts and discover what followers they have in common. Do you write speculative fiction like @MargaretAtwood? Follower Wonk will tell you the accounts of the 1,782 people that follow her and @AmazonKindle. It’s a safe bet that about 90 percent of these accounts are readers of spec fiction who own a Kindle — these are the people you want to follow! For a long list of Kindle and Nook-releated Twitter accounts, click here.

Just Unfollow is simple but wonderful — it tells you what accounts you have followed where the user hasn’t followed back and sorts them by “age.” This lets you unfollow accounts that are four or five days old while giving people you have just followed some time to make a decision. Just Unfollow lets you unfollow up to 50 accounts every 24 hours.

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