How to find your future readers

I wanted to expand a little more on my last post about Twitter because it bears repeating — if you are going to “e-publish” you need to find people who own a Kindle, a Nook or use the Kindle app on their smartphone or computer.

Duh, you’re telling me. Hey, sometimes the most important things to remember are the most obvious ones. We get so caught up in other details that our marketing plan becomes five pages long and we forget the number one priority — find people who own a device that can read your book!

Here are some Kindle- and Nook-related accounts to get you started. Some are more active than others, but that’s important. You’re not interested in the tweets. You’re interested in other people following these accounts. Just be sure that anyone you follow is still actively using Twitter — within the last week or so.

By the way, you can follow me on Twitter at @alexadena.

@AmazonKindle – 33,117
@ebooksBN – 14,548
@nookBN – 12,069
@KindleStuff – 7,545
@kindle_book – 6,544
@dailykindle – 3,717
@kindleebooks – 2,618
@kindletoday – 1,846
@kindledeals – 2,427
@kindlefreebies – 1,530
@amazon_kindle2 – 1,594
@kindleworld – 1,748
@Windwalkerhere – 1,302
@kindlezen – 1,073
@mykindlestuff – 827
@kindledxfans – 1,654
@kindlefreebooks – 2,282
@kindlereviews – 2,111
@kindlenews – 21,673
@eblogs – 1,516
@kindledownloads – 1,079
@nookTalk – 1,668
@nookshare – 2,223
@nookboards – 1,638
@ebookwatch – 1,292

Here are some more …
@inspiredreads (christian ebooks)


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2 responses to “How to find your future readers

  1. Lynn McMonigal

    But how can I find out that those I follow are actively using Twitter??

    • It’s pretty easy, actually, Lynn. When you click on someone’s Twitter name, their profile will pop up on the right side of your monitor. It will tell you how many people they follow, how many follow them, and their most recent tweets with time stamps. If they tend to tweet every day, there’s a better chance they will follow you back.

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