You always have time to write

One of the biggest laments of writers, especially those just starting out, is that they just don’t have the time.


You rarely will have hours and hours where you can shut the door and not be interrupted. That only happens on desert islands and, trust me, the Internet connection there is lousy.

So work with what you have. Just put a load of laundry in the dryer? How many words can you write before the buzzer goes off? Making dinner? Turn your oven into a timer. Right now, in fact, I’m doing this blog post during the 17 minutes it’s going to take to heat up my dinner in the toaster oven.

Do you commute? Pick a scene before you leave and work through it in your head while you travel to work. Then steal five minutes to type it up in outline form and email it to yourself at home. Better yet, bag your lunch and use those 30 or 60 minutes to write the whole scene. Your novel or screenplay has to come together one scene at a time, right?

You’ll be surprised how quickly your project comes together when you commit to writing every day. Sometimes it will be an hour and sometimes it will be only 15 minutes. But you can make it happen — one laundry cycle at a time.

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